Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is for any two people who are committed to making their relationship and to work through relational problems, including overcoming trust issues, ongoing disagreement, communication difficulty, and lack of intimacy.

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples’ therapy will s

enable you and your partner to work with a therapist in order to facilitate change in your relationship. Sometimes, talking to someone (a therapist) with no connection to yourself or your partner is all it takes for you to gain perspective.

Couples’ therapy aims to help you:

Understand how outside factors such as family values, religion, lifestyle and culture affect your relationship.

Reflect on the past and how it operates in the present.

Communicate in a more constructive way.

Learn why arguments escalate.

Negotiate and resolve conflicts where possible.

As therapy progresses, you and your partner may find ways of overcoming your problems, or you may ultimately decide to part ways. Either way, therapy will hopefully offer you the space to grow and decide what you would like the future to hold for both of you.

How does it work and is it effective?

Duration of therapy will be discussed with your therapist, as this will be dependent on the nature of your problems.

Your therapist is likely to make suggestions and give you homework tasks to do on your own or with your partner between sessions.

Depending on the situation, your therapist might also talk to you both individually for portions of the appointment, or in separate appointments altogether.

There is over 25 years of research supporting the effectiveness of Couples’ therapy

MakingWays – the CBT approach

At MakingWays, all of our psychologists are highly trained to offer CBT to help you live towards you goal, without the impact of negative thoughts and feelings.

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