Family/ Systemic
Informed Therapy

Family/ Systemic Informed Therapy

Family Unit (Three To Five Members)

Cultivate Connection Between Members

Accessible Plan For All Family Members

Family/ systemic informed therapy aims to work jointly with family members in order to tackle specific issues affecting the family as a whole.

These issues can consist of presenting mental health problem (s) or major changes within the family that affects the psychological well-being of the family.  

In order to ensure that each family member is heard, we acknowledge and work with each family member’s unique way of interpreting the presenting problem or difficulty that may put a strain on the family relationships.

In working as a unit, we will look at patterns within the family that maintain the presenting problem and to bring this to our awareness in order to cultivate communication, promote problem-solving skills and facilitate family bonding. 

We are aware that some people may experience the difficulties listed above in combination with other problems, such as parent-child relationship issues, and therefore our services extend to these families.

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