Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Individuals & Groups

Promoting Corporate Mental Wellbeing

Affordable Packages For Your Corporate Needs

We offer bespoke psychological therapy packages to large companies and groups.

Corporate Pressure! Corporate Stress! Corporate Anxiety! Corporate Depression! 

Individual Programs 

Our packages can cater to staff members who are experiencing difficulties with their emotional and mental wellbeing. We have created a much simpler process whereby we can offer therapeutic support to staff members within a week of contacting us. We can meet the staff member in-person or remotely across the UK and Europe. 

Group Programs 

We offer packages for group wellness programs, which can take place onsite or online. Our group programs include Mindful Mornings, and Stress Busters. Mindful Mornings are designed for people who would like to start their day with a positive and soothing energy that enable them to cope with the day’s demands. The Stress Buster program is tailored to the needs of people looking to find helpful ways of managing stress in order to increase their productivity and enhance the value they bring to their daily activities. 

Music Industry & Media Companies

 There is an inevitable need to build the resilience of anyone going into, or already in, the music and media industry. The pressure, scrutiny, expectation and relentless standard can make it difficult for most people to sustain their emotional and mental wellbeing without support. We consider it paramount to offer bespoke services to the music and media companies as part of the media personality and artist’s contract, especially as there is evidence to suggest that positive emotions and mental state can have a positive impact on life and career success.    

Contact Us To Find Out More About Our Packages & To Register Your Interest, If You Would Like Us To Facilitate Our Group Programs Within Your Company or Group

We are aware that some people may experience the difficulties listed above in combination with other problems and we offer individual therapy space to address other issues.

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