Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Groups (Up To Ten Members)

Shared Experience, Understanding & Strategies

Affordable Plan For All Group Members

All of our workshops are about developing shared coping skills to manage challenging experiences and to enhance your wellbeing. 

The aim of the groups are to offer a shared space, where you can expand on your understanding, normalize your experience and share workable strategies. 

All our groups will be run online in the winter, spring, summer and autumn. 


Winter Workshop

Blue Monday: Managing Difficult Feelings

2021 Dates TBC

Spring Workshop

Spring Fatigue: Managing Weariness & Lack of Drive 

2021 Dates TBC

(No group on May bank holiday Monday)

Summer Workshop 

Summer Vibes: Putting Worries At Bay

2021 Dates TBC

Autumn Workshop

Autumn Leaves: Using Mindfulness To Connect 

2021 Dates TBC

Our Healing Circle Will Be Coming Soon! 

Contact Us To Find Out More About The Groups & Register Your Interest, If You Would Like To Join Any Of Our Groups

We are aware that some people may experience the difficulties listed above in combination with other problems and we offer individual therapy space to address other issues.

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